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Mercer Island Farmers Market is Back, and Networked

For everyone who was as happy as I was to get a Farmers’ Market on Mercer Island, good news- it’s coming back. And it’s networked. A reader tipped me off that the Farmers’ Market now has a Facebook page. Once there, I found this Youtube video from MI-21:

Their webpage (I’m always a little confused about what you should find on an organization’s webpage and what you should find on Facebook) tells us it’ll be in the same location, Sundays 11 to 3, beginning June 21.

The Farmers’ Market sells food that’s more sustainable than Big Ag and it helps us keep farmland in Puget Sound. And it’s delicious.

Mercer Island Law Firm’s Cam Foils Burglary

King 5 reported on a computer cam at a Mercer Island law firm that caught a burglar in the act. The computer not only has a camera, the camera has a motion detector. Both of which are apparently now standard on computers. I must be working on computers for non-lawyers.

The video is at King 5’s site, though you may have to watch an Appelbee’s commercial first. This is what I don’t get about Applebee’s: their national slogan is that they’re your neighborhood place. Hmmm. Anyway, there’s no Applebee’s on the Island. There’s one in Factoria.

Bonus Video: MIHS Trumpet Quartet Rocks

Toll Us– It’s Better than the Alternative

It took crises in Western countries’ real estate markets and a not-yet-ended series of near-collapses in our financial system to make me realize that Seattle transit is not as screwed up as some other systems.

Since the defeat of Prop 1 last year, Seattle transportation-makers have been trying to figure out how to fix our bridges, notably the 520 bridge over Lake Washington. They recently added a fifth option to the four options already priced out and presented. That fifth option is the most drastic: to toll both I-90 and I-520 starting in 2010.

Build520.org has a very nice online comparison of the four original options. Option 5 not yet included.

So Toll Us, Already

Tolling I-90 at the same time as SR-520 makes sense. If SR-520 is the only route across Lake Washington with a toll, a lot more traffic will cross I-90. The bridges are only a few miles apart. Then our bridge, already a parking lot during a lot of rush hour, will really be a mess.

But Give Us a Break

Come on, we live on an island. And it’s a residential island, with basic services but not much else. But of course we’ll leave the island less often if tolls are high. If the rest of Seattle thinks Mercer Island is insular now, wait til we have to pay $3.80 to branch out. Some residents may never be seen off-Island again.

Mercer Island residents ought to get some kind of a break, like a reduced rate or free passage over half the island. Or we could bring back the Ferry Dawn and avoid the bridge altogether.

Gratuitous Fear-Mongering

Of course, another alternative to this plan is that we underfund transportation (it’s the Seattle way) or fail to pass a plan altogether. Then we face: not tolls, not traffic, but total disaster. Realistically, I-90 isn’t at much risk of failing, but fear is a great motivator and I needed an excuse to include this Youtube video of the old I-90 bridge sinking.

The Other Side

The other side of the argument says that it’s 520 being replaced, not 90, so why should we get tolled for a bridge we’ll barely use? That makes sense to me, but it’s also the parochial approach that got us into this mess. We need a regional approach to transportation or the system loses overall efficiency.

Let’s Go to a Show

It’s theater time on Mercer Island, with two productions open now or soon. Bat Boy, at Mercer Island High School, is about a vampire boy. When John Hopkins did it, they called it “a musical with some guts.” Ouch. Anyway, the show was originally an off-broadway musical, and it’s been banned at some schools, which means it’ll probably be pretty good. Dates and tickets.


The Monkey King is a Chinese play being performed at Youth Theater Northwest. There’s a great clip from the Beijing Opera on YouTube. If the kids can do half of that, they’re pretty talented. And I’ll give them plenty of room on the sidewalk if I see them. Running til May 10; get tickets.

Band and Sports

Music on Mercer is still looking for band students for their summer program. And we’ve got a couple of sports programs I’m more than a bit late on- there was registration for the Mercer Island Youth Soccer club on May 4th, but it looks like you can still go to the website and register.

Girls Water Polo Water Polo: not reported in time to drive attendance on May 2.

And finally, I’m really in deep water on this one, but I didn’t make the goal of getting this game on May 2 on the blog in time. Luckily Mercer Island girls Water Polo has a great website with a calendar.

On the Definitive Authority of the Mercer Island Bulletin Board

I’ve seen some other signs pop up over Mercer Island, in other locations than Island Crest Way and 40th– most notably at ICW at 68th, and occasionally across from the Post Office. In the opinion of this blogger, these are not definitive Bulletin Board locations, for the simple reason that I don’t pass by them regularly and therefore it would be hard to post them here. Other bloggers with more convenient locations can claim them and then we can have a lively debate over the definitive authority of each Bulletin Board location.

Nonsequiter: Keeping Mercer Island History Real

And finally, congratulations to Mercer Island’s Phil Flash. According to the Mercer Island Reporter:

Last Tuesday, Flash was given the Willard Jue Memorial Award by the Association of King County Historical Organizations, or AKCHO, for his persistence, devotion and enthusiastic work in preserving Mercer Island’s historic legacy.

Thanks Phil! I love Mercer Island history, and you’re keeping it real. Richard Sprague suggested I get in touch with you a while back, and I’ll try harder because I went and got married instead.