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Deer on Mercer Island– Photo Evidence

Bank in 2008, I blogged about a deer sighting in Mercer Island. So far that post has 36 comments, with people contributing various sightings and theories on our deer. At the time I had no photos. But as of my run on Saturday, now I do.


This was on the trail right by the old Stevenson property (more on that later) off Island Crest Way, around 2 in the afternoon. Just in case you missed them:


Since I last blogged about the deer here, there’s been (for MI) a heated discussion of the deer and whether they are a problem. Patch covered them. A blog called the Northwest Sportsman did a kind of a rant on the subject, but it’s hard to figure out what side they came down on.

Conner Webster even uploaded a video of the deer, complete with pretty cool deer theme music that I assume was added later and did not appear with the deer. Click to go to vimeo to watch the video:


The Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife captures the pros & cons of our brown fuzzy neighbors: “Their aesthetic beauty is appreciated and admired, although their fondness for garden and landscape plants tries some peoples’ patience.”