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Snow all day today left Mercer Island white. No word yet on whether schools are on time tomorrow.

Tree Falls on Home After Monday Night’s Windstorm

No power outages but a house did get hit by a downed tree. King 5 has the story:

According to King5, it happened in the 9300 of SE47th. It wasn’t during the windstorm but may have been due to moisture in the soil. Yup, it’s fall in Seattle.

Snowstorm ’08- Wait it Out at the Roanoke

Snowstorm ’08 continues unabated and Mercer Island gets whiter and whiter. By our scientific measurement we’ve got 8.5 inches now.

Snow level on Mercer Island

Express buses were running today,

Sount Transit Express bus braves snow on Mercer Island

And the snow gave the holiday decorations a little something extra.

holiday decorations mercer island

I-90 was closed most of the day, or we would have been skiing. But the Roanaoke Inn was open and full of people stir-crazy from the weather and/ or watching the Seahawks game.

Roanoke Inn in snow, Mercer Island

What Does Mercer Island Look Like In The Snow?

The mail still came through the sleet and snow, and cheerfully–


even though none of the side streets were plowed today:


Folks were driving on Island Crest Way when I took a walk this afternoon. It had been plowed but covered again in snow:


The buses were out too, as were the police, and some Mercer Island plows.

Mercer Island snowplow

There were lots of people walking around Mercerdale enjoying the snow,

mercer Island walkers

at least one intrepid biker,


and a passel of people boarding, sledding and skiing at Homestead Park.


I wasn’t crazy enough to go into work today, as 520 was closed and there were accidents everywhere. Did you go, and if so how was it? Anyone do anything fun at home?

Snow! And Other Notes on the Island

First snow of the year!

First snow on Mercer Island winter 2008-2009

Well, snow two days ago and expected again in two days. Richard Sprague has a nice snow pic too.

And a few notes from around the web on Mercer Island:


A shout-out on Cellar 46 from the P-I. Haven’t been there yet myself but I’d like to go. “On Mercer Island we have Cellar 46 which offers live music, small plates and places to sit including a bar and tables. It has a cozy neighborhood vibe.”


And a shout-out from a very pink, delightfully stream-of-conscienseness reading blog about Island Books. She’s right- we’re lucky to have a great independent bookstore. Buy books there for the holidays.

Around-the-Island Roundup

Blogs and opinions on the Island:

Simon Medisch took some nice photos of the leaves changing in North Island.

The Mercer Island Reported says Islanders hate the idea of I-90 tolls.

And finally, Richard Sprague continues his informative series on the election:

Simon’s right– the leaves are changing.

UPDATE: Check out this 30-second exposure of cars coming to and from the MI, by Shutter Eye.

Snow Tonight

Is it just me or is it snowing tonight? Here it is almost April and there’s snow. We’re going skiing this weekend.

SnowStock photo of snow. Our snow isn’t sticking this much. These also aren’t Mercer Island trees. That’s the problem with stock photography.

The Flowers are Confused

Spring weather in February confuses the flowers. It was a beautiful weekend.

Confused Mercer Island Crocus A confused crocus.

Here are the Olympic Mountains from the top of Island Crest Way around 40th.

The Olympic Mountains from Island Crest Way

The weather’s nice for lounging in the garden, if you don’t have a job:

Mercer Island cat in sun
An unemployed freeloader.