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Several folks on the Island deserve them.

First, to the Mercer Island Schools Foundation and the PTA for raising $850,000. This more than makes up for the loss of funding by the state. Nice work bridging the gap!

Second, to Mercer Island Quarterback Jeff Lindquist who was named to the “Super 7” list, which means he gets to go to Hawaii and play with some Hall of Famers.

And to Kela Harrington of Islander Middle School, who made it to the 3rd round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which means she can probably spell inchoate and ersatz.

And finally, to the VFW Keewaydin Clubhouse, which got a $5,000 grant for preservation from Americans Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Go get that new roof!

Vintage Roadside on Flickr.

This Weekend’s Events: Caroling, Holiday Bazaar

From Island Crest Way and 40th:

Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club and Holiday Bazaar

There’s a Holiday Bazaar, with local artisans and merchants, today and tomorrow at the Club room at Island Square. That’s 2758 78th St SE.

And the Mercer Island Boys’ and Girls’ Club is looking for donations.If you haven’t heard, they’ve been planning and raising funds for a new facility.

What kind of things does the Boys and Girls Club do? Just look at the next sign:

Mercer Island Baseball and Softball Registration Mercer Island Boys Basketball

It’s basketball season too.

From Mercerdale: Caroling Today and Tomorrow

The Island Children’s Choir will be at Mercer Island High this weekend.
Mercer Island Children's Choir Caroling

And if you need a tree, go see the Lions in the Farmers’ Insurance¬† parking lot:
Lions Club Mercer Island Christmas Tree Sales

And finally, a reminder that on Dec. 21, you can go to Luther Burbank Park to see the Argosy Christmas Ship and hear caroling.

Mercer Island Half Marathon

Nope, didn’t run it. I ran the 5k, which looked like this at the start:

Mercer Island Half Marathon
The announcer said around 4,000 people had come out to run across all three races, the half-marathon, the 10k, and the 5k.

Mercer Island Half Marathon

This was the scene at the start of the 10K:
Mercer Island Half Marathon

2008 results aren’t ready yet, but I’ll let you know when they are . The run was a little bit of chaos, but organized chaos and fun.

Mercer Island Half Marathon

UPDATE: results are ready, so go get ’em. I placed well, but a 9:30 mile in a 5k isn’t a scorching pace- I think the fast runners were in the half or the 10k.

The Mercer Island Bulletin Board: Beautiful Weather Makes the Signs Grow

Here’s my favorite sign, a handwritten one about the Mercer Island High School girls basketball team. This sign was for Thursday. They’ve done pretty well, beating Issaquah to go onto the tournament championship.Mercer Island Girls B-Ball

The beautiful weather brought more signs out at 40th and Island Crest Way:All the signs at the Mercer Island Bulletin Board

Yes Schools Yes is still there, and Richard Sprague apparently was helping it out on Friday morning. I didn’t have my camera to take the photo when I drove by Friday morning, and I’d copy the photo from his blog here but that’s downright rude. So you should go to his blog to see it.

A couple more: it’s the Mercer Island Boys and Girls’ Club back at it again, and the one that’s hard to read is about an estate sale down on40th.