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Around Town

The Mercer Island Half was this weekend. Thanks to pauldf for this photo:
I didn’t run this year but if you did, check out the race results or a first-hand account from zml.

Coming Up: Wine


Cellar 46 is having wine and food specials in honor of their anniversary this week. They also have regular happy hour specials, Tuesday through Saturday from 4-6pm:

  • $ 10 wine flights
  • 50% off appetizers
  • 25% off wines by the glass

I’ve been for wine and starters a couple of times and it’s good. Haven’t gotten around to reviewing the place yet, but the Seattle Times has done a nice job.

Spring Recycling Event

The city of Mercer Island is running a spring recycling event this weekend: March 28, 2009 9 am–3 pm at the Mercer Island Boat Launch.

If you’re always trying to figure out what to do with old batteries, this is for you. You can also take computer equipment, appliances, and all manner of things. See the flier for more details.

Run Off the Schools Breakfast at the Half Marathon

It’s the Mercer Island Bulletin Board, that virtual place for events and notices. Got one? Email mercerislandblogger @ yahoo.com.

The Most Important Meal & The Most Important Cause

Ken Glass tipped us off to the annuals schools breakfast. In his words:
It’s a great, fun community event designed to raise money (especially important this year as the schools face budget cuts from Olympia and aren’t allowed to ask taxpayers if they wish to pay more for schools).

First and foremost are finding sponsors, angels (donors whose donations get matched) and table captains.

Put it on the calendar and sponsor if you can. And if you eat too many pancakes for the kids, also coming up in March:

Mercer Island Half Marathon


There’s also a 10k and 5k run. I ran this last year and it was a lot of fun.
Register here.

Speaking of Schools, Go MIHS!

The MIHS swimmers broke a state record in the 400 relay and the womens’ basketball team won the King County title. Nice!
Photo credit: Issaquah Press.

Seattle Marathoners Poised to Make it Halfway Across Mercer Island

No matter how exciting you think watching a marathon is, tomorrow’s Seattle Marathon will be twice as exciting for Mercer Islanders to watch. Since Mercer Island is the turnaround point, you can see twice as much race in a short amount of time.


Official and disorienting map of the marathon route with West, not North, up.

The marathon run begins at 8:15 am. If you want to watch, get up to I-90 and find a spot by 8:30 at the latest. The Express Lanes will be closed from 5 am til 11 am for the race. 

I personally like to watch marathons (and like to run races of a shorter nature) but I can’t be there tomorrow. If you take go and take photos, upload ’em to flickr  and tag them “Mercer Island” and I’ll publish them here.

Mercer Island Half Marathon

Nope, didn’t run it. I ran the 5k, which looked like this at the start:

Mercer Island Half Marathon
The announcer said around 4,000 people had come out to run across all three races, the half-marathon, the 10k, and the 5k.

Mercer Island Half Marathon

This was the scene at the start of the 10K:
Mercer Island Half Marathon

2008 results aren’t ready yet, but I’ll let you know when they are . The run was a little bit of chaos, but organized chaos and fun.

Mercer Island Half Marathon

UPDATE: results are ready, so go get ’em. I placed well, but a 9:30 mile in a 5k isn’t a scorching pace- I think the fast runners were in the half or the 10k.

Hunted by an Owl

The other day I was out running on West Mercer Way. It was about 5 pm, and getting dark. Something heavy tangled itself in my hair. I thought it had fallen from a tree. But then it fell up, not down, and I saw a bird fly on ahead of me. A crow, I thought, with bad aim and a very short life expectancy, given its flying habits.

The bird alighted on a branch, and I got closer and saw it was an owl.

Not the owl that attacked me. Not the owl that attacked me. Photo credit: Flickr.

I stared at him. He stared back. It’s a strange feeling to be hunted. I said, “Boo!” He looked at me, swiveled his head around, and then back. I said “Boo!” again, mostly to re-establish my position in the food chain. He stared.

I started to run again, and as I did he took off behind me. I ducked. It wasn’t quite fear, but I didn’t want a bird in my hair. I decided to go straight home. I wanted to turn around and see if he was following me, but I worried that he’d get my eyes.

Later, a friend suggested that the owl might not have been hunting; he may have been building a nest, and thought my hair would be useful. Somehow, that didn’t make me feel promoted in the owl worldview.

Wildlife is to be respected, though I hadn’t anticipated needing to respect it on West Mercer Way. Bonus lesson for runners: run during the day.