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Best Pizza on Mercer Island

The tip came from a Bellevue friend a few months ago. “Oh you’re in Mercer Island? I’m so jealous! My favorite pizza place just moved there!” It’s Tuscan Stone Pizza, the one that used to be on the corner of Bellevue way and NE 4th St. Now it’s parked at 2885 78th Ave SE, just west of the QFC in North Island.

Since moving to the Island, my husband and I have lamented the absence of a few things on Mercer Island: Trader Joe’s. An Indian restaurant. Great pizza. for me, this ranks up there with the opening of Freshy’s, and almost as high as the farmers’ market.

My criteria? Just the pizza. It’s good. Not to knock Moe’s or Sahara, but their pizza is good post-game pizza, perfect when volume is required. Zaw is nice, but you still gotta cook it. Tuscan Stone is the best. Call ’em from work, pick it up and eat when you get home.

It’s also fun to go into the pizza tent. The folks are quite nice, and it’s warm.

Stop by and check it out. We got the cheese and a veggie pesto. Mmmmmmm…. might see you there tomorrow.

What Could Be Better Than a Food Truck Calendar? Nothing.

That’s right, nothing could be better than a food truck calendar. And that’s why I direct you to the Mercer Island Food Trucks Site.

Food trucks

Food Trucks are the answer to the limited restaurant choices on Mercer Island. They bring delicious and creative options. They make us feel like a hipper neighborhood than we really are. All of that is wonderful.

We have two people to thank for this delightful turn of events: Nancy Meade, owner of the new downtown shop Terra Bella, and Bill Kratz for letting me know.

This Friday, for Mercer Island homecoming, there will be 4 food trucks starting with My Chef Lynn at 11am, then at 3pm with Buns, Chopstix and Seattle Biscuit. Trucks will be on site until approximately 8pm.

Zaw Pizza Coming to Tabit Square

Zaw Pizza, the fancy take-and-bake pizza chain, is coming to Mercer Island. Have never tried it myself, though I’ve heard it’s good– and Sahara Pizza could use some competition.

Here’s their planned location at Tabit Square:

Thanks to hot tipper Bill, who always has the scoop on downtown.

Stopsky’s Goes All the Way

… to dinner. That’s right, the new deli on the Island is now open for dinner and has been for about a week. They announced this a few weeks back:

I stopped in (not at dinnertime) to see how it was going. The hostess said they’ve had pretty good traffic, and they also have their liquor license now so they have a wine list. The dinner menu looks good, if fully priced:

Stopsky’s also joins Bennett’s, Cellar 46, and the Roanoke as a good place to be found between 4 and 6 pm. At Stopsky’s, that Nosh Hour:

If you’ve been by for dinner, leave a comment and let us know how it is. I’m sure we’ll make it there sooner or later.

Stopsky’s Closed til Friday

UPDATE: According to their Facebook page, Stopsky’s is now closed until Monday.

Stopsky’s opening has been quite an event. The new deli ran out of food on its opening weekend, then recovered only to face an electrical fire last weekend which has it closed until Friday at 7 am.

Stopsky’s: Now open for business, but not always accepting customers.

The reviews on Yelp suggest some opening glitches like slow food and shortages of rye bread… I suspect the pro crew at Stopsky’s will get these worked out. The couple of Yelpers who focused on the food had great things to say.

They’ve also gotten some good reviews. We’ve been in for bagels so far, which were excellent but also delivered a more slowly than we would have expected. But hey, Noah’s has been in business for years and they’re even slower. Stopsky’s at least has a shot at a decent learning curve.

Construction Contines Apace at New Deli

The website said the deli will open in the spring, so we’ve got less than two months to wait for (hopefully) tasty bagels while we browse Island Books.

Fish and Chips Coming to Freshy’s

Another hot tip on downtown businesses from Bill: Freshy’s finished their fish & chips take out counter.

I stopped in to Freshy’s to get more info and they confirmed that they intend to sell fried, delicious goodness for carry-out. They’re hoping to open at the beginning of May.