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Seattle Brain Cancer Walk on Mercer Island May 30

Last year the first Seattle Brian Cancer walk was held here on Mercer Island. It’s happening again at the MIHS track on May 30th.

I had the chance to talk with Jim Seeks, a Mercer Island resident who walked last year along with 40-some other people. Jim walked to honor his friend Randy Peterson, also of Mercer Island. Randy’s no longer with us; his wife still lives on the Island. It was Randy’s doctor at Swedish hospital who set up the first walk. Jim now leads Team Randy, a team of Randy Peterson’s friends and associates.

Here’s some of Team Randy making its way around the track, from the gallery on the website:


Another from the gallery: crazy Cranium sent a team, complete with headgear.


The photos show people enjoying themselves, but looking through them it’s obvious that brain cancer has touched the lives of all of them, directly or through family and friends, in a very profound way. This walk is a way to show love and support and fight back.

And it’s a casual affair: you can go as fast or as slow as you want.  As Jim said, “There are very few rules and regulations.” That’s my kind of event.

Details: The walk begins at 9:30 am and awards and festivities are at 11:30. In between, you walk or run as many times around the track as you can.  More on thier website.

Blowdown at Island Crest Way and 40th

We had a windy Monday morning- at 4 am we woke to the trees swaying. One tree at Island Crest Way and 40th didn’t make it. This morning you could see what was left:

I always wonder about the trees in a windstorm, especially since more get cut down all the time and they need each other for support. Neighbors tell us that the people we bought our house from cut down three tall, old fir trees. We’ve been thinking about planting a couple of young ones to give the grove around us some strength in years to come.

Speaking of the Mercer Island Bulletin Board…

I took advantage of my stop to take some photos of the notices. Takeaway: there’s plenty to do if you’re a kid or a parent.

Parent-Ed-at-MIHS Fiddler-on-the-Roof-Youth-Theater-Northwest Soccer-tryouts-mercer-island

Run Off the Schools Breakfast at the Half Marathon

It’s the Mercer Island Bulletin Board, that virtual place for events and notices. Got one? Email mercerislandblogger @ yahoo.com.

The Most Important Meal & The Most Important Cause

Ken Glass tipped us off to the annuals schools breakfast. In his words:
It’s a great, fun community event designed to raise money (especially important this year as the schools face budget cuts from Olympia and aren’t allowed to ask taxpayers if they wish to pay more for schools).

First and foremost are finding sponsors, angels (donors whose donations get matched) and table captains.

Put it on the calendar and sponsor if you can. And if you eat too many pancakes for the kids, also coming up in March:

Mercer Island Half Marathon


There’s also a 10k and 5k run. I ran this last year and it was a lot of fun.
Register here.

Speaking of Schools, Go MIHS!

The MIHS swimmers broke a state record in the 400 relay and the womens’ basketball team won the King County title. Nice!
Photo credit: Issaquah Press.

Mercer Island Law Firm’s Cam Foils Burglary

King 5 reported on a computer cam at a Mercer Island law firm that caught a burglar in the act. The computer not only has a camera, the camera has a motion detector. Both of which are apparently now standard on computers. I must be working on computers for non-lawyers.

The video is at King 5’s site, though you may have to watch an Appelbee’s commercial first. This is what I don’t get about Applebee’s: their national slogan is that they’re your neighborhood place. Hmmm. Anyway, there’s no Applebee’s on the Island. There’s one in Factoria.

Bonus Video: MIHS Trumpet Quartet Rocks

Recycle Electronics and Watch Football for MIHS

MIHS is hosting electronics recycling next weekend. Thanks to Ken for the tip. You can go to the parking lot of Bayley Construction, next to the Shell Station in North Island, next Sat and Sun (the 26th and 27th) between 10 and 4 pm. They’ll do the right thing with your electronics if you can’t.

Well, that’s our first direct-to-blog post on the Mercer Island Bulletin Board. What else is going on this week?

More MIHS: There’s a home football game this Friday.

And a Sherwood Forest Fair this Sunday.

Is you can’t read the fine print on the admittedly poor photo of the Sherwood Forest Fair, here’s the info:

That’s it from the Mercer Island Bulletin Board, except for all the politico signs. We’ll talk about those later.

1st Football Game Tonight at MIHS

On the Mercer Island Bulletin Board, MIHS announces the 1st football game of the season:

With a strategic rider by Dave’s BBQ, who’s been all over the Island. They have some marketing department for a BBQ joint, or a sign-maker on steriods.

Boys’ Basketball is recruiting, and so is Yoga:

Earthcorps is still at it, and there’s a garage sale today and tomorrow.

Rest assured that I am fully committed to my spotty coverage of the Mercer Island Bulletin Board, and there’s a decent-to-strong chance that if a new sign goes up, I’ll be right on it within a week or two.

Bonus link #1:Amazon Fresh is delicious, but also noisy

Sounds like Amazon Fresh is waking people up, but not in a good way. The P-I reported that The Fresh may be breaking noise ordinances here on the Island with early-morning deliveries. Now as you know, we luv us some Amazon Fresh, but we’ve started getting afternoon instead of morning deliveries because those trucks are loud. As soon as we started leaving our windows open at night this spring, I heard how loud the friggin’ truck was.

Bonus link #2:MIHS radio station now at 88.9 FM

Again from the PI, sounds like the MIHS radio station got in a tussle with a station from The Dalles down in Oregon. Hot Jamz Radio is now at 88.9 FM.

Let’s Go to a Show

It’s theater time on Mercer Island, with two productions open now or soon. Bat Boy, at Mercer Island High School, is about a vampire boy. When John Hopkins did it, they called it “a musical with some guts.” Ouch. Anyway, the show was originally an off-broadway musical, and it’s been banned at some schools, which means it’ll probably be pretty good. Dates and tickets.


The Monkey King is a Chinese play being performed at Youth Theater Northwest. There’s a great clip from the Beijing Opera on YouTube. If the kids can do half of that, they’re pretty talented. And I’ll give them plenty of room on the sidewalk if I see them. Running til May 10; get tickets.

Band and Sports

Music on Mercer is still looking for band students for their summer program. And we’ve got a couple of sports programs I’m more than a bit late on- there was registration for the Mercer Island Youth Soccer club on May 4th, but it looks like you can still go to the website and register.

Girls Water Polo Water Polo: not reported in time to drive attendance on May 2.

And finally, I’m really in deep water on this one, but I didn’t make the goal of getting this game on May 2 on the blog in time. Luckily Mercer Island girls Water Polo has a great website with a calendar.

On the Definitive Authority of the Mercer Island Bulletin Board

I’ve seen some other signs pop up over Mercer Island, in other locations than Island Crest Way and 40th– most notably at ICW at 68th, and occasionally across from the Post Office. In the opinion of this blogger, these are not definitive Bulletin Board locations, for the simple reason that I don’t pass by them regularly and therefore it would be hard to post them here. Other bloggers with more convenient locations can claim them and then we can have a lively debate over the definitive authority of each Bulletin Board location.

Nonsequiter: Keeping Mercer Island History Real

And finally, congratulations to Mercer Island’s Phil Flash. According to the Mercer Island Reporter:

Last Tuesday, Flash was given the Willard Jue Memorial Award by the Association of King County Historical Organizations, or AKCHO, for his persistence, devotion and enthusiastic work in preserving Mercer Island’s historic legacy.

Thanks Phil! I love Mercer Island history, and you’re keeping it real. Richard Sprague suggested I get in touch with you a while back, and I’ll try harder because I went and got married instead.

The Mercer Island Bulletin Board: Beautiful Weather Makes the Signs Grow

Here’s my favorite sign, a handwritten one about the Mercer Island High School girls basketball team. This sign was for Thursday. They’ve done pretty well, beating Issaquah to go onto the tournament championship.Mercer Island Girls B-Ball

The beautiful weather brought more signs out at 40th and Island Crest Way:All the signs at the Mercer Island Bulletin Board

Yes Schools Yes is still there, and Richard Sprague apparently was helping it out on Friday morning. I didn’t have my camera to take the photo when I drove by Friday morning, and I’d copy the photo from his blog here but that’s downright rude. So you should go to his blog to see it.

A couple more: it’s the Mercer Island Boys and Girls’ Club back at it again, and the one that’s hard to read is about an estate sale down on40th.