On Our Ballot: City Council

The political signs are up along Island Crest, which can only mean one thing: election season. Here’s a guide to the City Council race. The other local positions are on the School Board, which we’ll get to in the coming weeks.

As a reminder, in this blog we cover only local news and local races, or larger races that relate to Mercer Island.

So here goes:

Council Position No. 2: Dan Grausz or Kevin Scheid

Dan-Grausz Kevin-Scheid

Now this is an interesting one. Dan Grausz is a longtime veteran of the council. Kevin Scheid is a very involved resident (who celebrated his 38th anniversary at Island Crest Way and 40th on Friday). They both talk about I-90 tolling and a vibrant downtown as major issues. Both are against tolling and for, well, vibrancy in downtown. So what’s the difference?

I-90 Tolls

In I-90 tolling, it seems to be the level of compromise and negotiation. Kevin Scheid has a stark view: agree to no tolling whatsoever. Dan Grausz seems more in favor of negotiating as a way to fight the toll.

The Mercer Island Reported endorsed Grausz, saying “His opponent says that any sort of compromise regarding tolling is wrong. Yet, Mr. Grausz has demonstrated that he knows how and when to negotiate. He weighs what is best for Islanders in the face of change or circumstance that may or may not be welcome, but always inevitable.”


On this issue the best I can tell is that Dan favors building a residential and retail community: “I do not want to see only professional offices in our buildings that turn our Town Center into an empty cavern at nights and on weekends.

Kevin wants office buildings that will pay more taxes (“Future development needs to contribute its fair share of infrastructure costs“). Their sites are all in political code though so I may be wrong.

Council Position No. 4: Tana Senn or… someone else

Tana Senn is running unopposed for the fourth position. Tana joined the City Council in 2012 and has since been elected by the King County Council to as the 41st District State Representative, replacing Marcie Maxwell after she moved on to state government, according to The Mercer Island Reporter.

Council Position No. 2: Rich Erwin or Benson Wong
Benson-Wong Rich-Erwin

Benson Wong is interesting. He’s got a long history of service on the Island, which counts for a lot. Like all the candidates, he’s against I-90 tolling, for a good downtown and great schools. But he actually points out some things he would do, like push for full implementation of the recommendations of the Sustainability Task Force and support the upcoming school bond. That’s refreshing.

Rich Erwin seems like a nice guy but it’s hard to figure out what he would actually support. Benson Wong seems the better candidate.

Next up is a review of the School Board candidates on the ballot in November. Watch this space…





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