Thanks and Good Luck, Kendall Watson

Patch is losing its editor today, which probably means no new posts from that blog. Kendall Watson has covered Mercer Island well for many years at Patch and before.

It’s a shame. The failure of Patch was, in my view, a failure of AOL and not of the many excellent journalists who have been trying to cover their communities. AOL’s version of journalism was of great local profits, and by and large the journalists of Patch had a different vision– great local journalism.

There’s plenty to say about a small city like Mercer Island. Kendall covered high school sports and local stories thoroughly and well. I read his posts often. The problem is, nobody has figured out how to make money at it. Some of Seattle’s great local bloggers can make a go of it, but it’s a full time job and more. It’s a labor of love, and AOL’s not in the labor of love business. (Side note: if anyone can figure out what business AOL is in, please leave a comment. I’d love to know.) This blog is run by yours and generates absolutely no profit but also provides the flexibility to take a couple of years off if I need to.

End rant. Good bye and good luck Kendall, and thanks for your coverage of Mercer Island. Hope to see you around these parts soon.

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