Horse Farm Or Phoenix? New Horse Farm to Go In On Old Stevenson Horse Farm

Have a seat y’all, you’re not going to believe this scoop.

Have you driven by that property on Island Crest Way that used to be a horse farm? You probably have. It sold in Aug 2012 for $5.85 million, and the horses went away.  I fully expected to see a subdivision go up there.

We are luckier than that. According to tipper Bill Kratz, the story goes like this:

“After the sale of the Stevenson property to the MI School District was aborted by the voters disapproval of the  Board of Education’s plans for remodeling and expanding schools (oh well, that’s another story), the property was quietly sold to  TAE Real Estate Holdings of Bellevue.  The only public word was that the new owners intended to continue using the property for equestrian purposes.  The existing buildings and “horse shacks” on the property were demolished, and for some time a construction fence has surrounded a large portion of the property.

A little investigation reveals that TAE Real Estate Holdings is owned by Thomas Ellison (or perhaps the Ellison family), also of Bellevue, and heir to Savers Inc., parent of the Value Village empire.  The Ellisons have since switched the ownership of the Island Crest property to a new entity, MI Funny Farm LLC.  As preliminary work on the property has crept along, more and more building permits have been issued for various preparatory stages of work.  From these building permits, we discover the architects involved with the project. The firm is McClellan Architects, a first-rate firm.

Now for the exciting part … on the McClellan website, under “In Construction” we find a nice set of computer renderings of what is to become of the old Stevenson properties.  They are only referenced as “island equestrian”, but there is little doubt that they are for MI.”

The images in this blog are from that site, and there is a good set of drawings there. I encourage you to check them out there.


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