Mercer Island Downtown

Seems that one of the new retail spots in the new building by Tully’s is going to be a pediatric dentistry. I like kids, and I like teeth, but this is one more shop in downtown that doesn’t lend itself to a fun, walking retail core. “While it’s a boost to the Town Center any time a vacant space is occupied, we don’t really need more doctors, dentists and real estate brokers occupying what should be prime spots for some creative retail stores,” says resident Bill Kratz.

Mercer Island’s downtown keeps getting close to greatness. On the plus side, Freshy’s has a fish & chip window and nightly dinners. Moe’s pizza is new. The food trucks are coming.

But on the down side, developers keep favoring staid old business that bring good rent. The real problem here isn’t dentists– it’s banks and real estate offices. But when’s the last time you took a stroll downtown to window shop at HSBC?
banks-225-2 real-estate-offices-225
Map on left is banks. Map on right is real estate offices. Lots of both!

What if we could link together the little spots of wonderful– Bennett’s, Island Books & Stopsky’s, Terra Bella, Freshy’s. Instead they are each islands surrounded by boring but reliable banks and offices.
Sigh. Another bank. Anyone want to apply for a loan? It’s a fun night out!


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