Deer on Mercer Island– Photo Evidence

Bank in 2008, I blogged about a deer sighting in Mercer Island. So far that post has 36 comments, with people contributing various sightings and theories on our deer. At the time I had no photos. But as of my run on Saturday, now I do.


This was on the trail right by the old Stevenson property (more on that later) off Island Crest Way, around 2 in the afternoon. Just in case you missed them:


Since I last blogged about the deer here, there’s been (for MI) a heated discussion of the deer and whether they are a problem. Patch covered them. A blog called the Northwest Sportsman did a kind of a rant on the subject, but it’s hard to figure out what side they came down on.

Conner Webster even uploaded a video of the deer, complete with pretty cool deer theme music that I assume was added later and did not appear with the deer. Click to go to vimeo to watch the video:


The Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife captures the pros & cons of our brown fuzzy neighbors: “Their aesthetic beauty is appreciated and admired, although their fondness for garden and landscape plants tries some peoples’ patience.”


2 responses to “Deer on Mercer Island– Photo Evidence

  1. Hi,
    I took the attached photos on Mercer Island in July this year. Several deer were walking through the yard in the mornings around 9 a.m. We saw them several days although they were probably doing this more and we didn’t see them. One day two of them came across the yards but they got separated by the fence between us and the neighbor. (Both deer are visible in the first photo if you look carefully.) They looked at each other and seemed confused about how that happened but finally one of them just easily jumped over the fence and the two of them just strolled over to the neighboring yards. I think they spend most of the daytime in the ravines. Photos are attached.
    Nancy Mingis
    Cary, NC

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks Nancy! Pics didn’t come through, but if you send them to mercerislandblogger @ I’ll put them on the blog.

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