So, About The Last Two Years…

Two years ago, I stopped writing this blog. Right at the time we had our second child. That child, the first one, and my full time job quite stubbornly demanded a lot of my time. So I quit blogging, quite suddenly.

mercer island duskYou may not have wanted to hear from me in my sleep-deprived state. Still, I felt pretty bad about the whole thing. In a mature act of avoiding a difficult situation, I also quit reading the blog’s comments or email. It was just easier ot make a clean break. But I was thinking about it.

William Kratz, a long time commentator, recently tracked me down and pointed out that AOL had defunded Patch and, along with my earlier abandonment, left MI without a blog.

I’ve always thought that this community deserves a blog. And I like writing it. So I’m back, if you’ll have me.

If we get back together, I promise:
1. To provide occasional updates on Mercer Island news and happenings.
2. Not to blog when I feel blah, sparing you from reading anything that’s blah.
3. That this will be the last ME post and the rest will be M.I. posts.


We’re all on the same rock surrounded by water. Watch this space, and let’s talk.


2 responses to “So, About The Last Two Years…

  1. Looks/sounds promising.

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