We Could Learn a Lot from Crossroads: MICC Lunch Thursday

Never thought I would say this about a mall, but we could learn a lot from Crossroads. It’s not really a mall: it’s an event space, a library, a grocery store, a community place, a food court (ok, maybe it is really a mall.)

This Thursday at the MI Chamber of Commerce membership lunch the developer of Crossroads, Ron Sher, will be the guest. The MICC says: “He is a different kind of developer – a number cruncher who loves books and believes in community which he incorporates in all his projects.”

Here are some of the cool things Crossroads does:

  • Host community celebrations, like India Days which draws from and celebrates the nearby Indian community
  • Have retail that engages people in activities beyond shopping, and brings them back regularly. There are a couple of craft shops for kids, and a Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics that bring out the crafters.
  • Have only local food in the food court, no chains.

There’s a lot more, like putting a supermarket right in the middle of everything and having tons of kids and music events. Downtown Mercer Island could be that good, and even better, our common space is outside not inside a mall. We just have to connect up a few good walking strips and get rid of some of the massive parking lots that break up the vibe of a downtown walking area.

If you’ve got time, join for the Thursday lunch.
Cost: $15 for members, $18 for non members
RSVP: info@mercerislandchamberofcommerce.org


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