What’s Going Up at the Old Safeway?

The old Safeway site near Aljoya and Freshy’s is finally seeing activity. After a few years of sad destitution, including acting as a temporary parking lot for the Park & Ride while it was under construction, it’s under development:

Destruction of the Safeway seems complete, now to build something in its place.

The MI Reporter reports that BRE Properties is the developer. Plans are:
A six-level mixed use building with one floor of below-grade parking, a ground level accommodating different commercial uses and four floors of apartments.

The new building will have an estimated 166 residential units, and 312 parking spaces with 85 set aside for business customers. A total of 12,000 square feet will be for retail spaces, a restaurant or professional offices.

In keeping with the modern tradition of pretentious and meaningless condo names, the project will be called “Aviara.” Sounds like a step forward for that area of downtown, though, and I hope they get some great retail in there. BRE is based in San Francisco and has built developments from San Diego on up, including several in the Seattle area. Here’s a list.


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