Contest: Send Photos of the Mercer Island Deer

In the last few years a new kind of resident has come to Mercer Island: a small family of deer. These are actually old residents– the Island used to be home to many deer.

Reports from around the Island confirm that there are have been deer in recent years (check out the comments on this post) and my neighbor saw some while we were camping. Something had definitely munched the plants in our yard.

Unfortunately, as a part-time blogger, the only prize I can offer is your name and our thanks in this blog. But find those photos and send them in


2 responses to “Contest: Send Photos of the Mercer Island Deer

  1. Jessie Wang

    Last Friday, July 8, exact 9pm, when I was driving up hill on Gallagher Hill Road, I saw this single deer cross the street in front of my car — from the wooded area heading to the residential area. Fortunately I was not driving fast and outside was still bright. My immediate impression was: “Wow, this deer was so much bigger than the four deer I saw half year ago (see, and it has white dots on its skin. Oh, we need a road sign for “Caution for Deer”.

  2. I saw a pheasant on West Mercer, North of the freeway this June. Didn’t know they lived around here.

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