Parfait Ice Cream Truck Coming to Farmers Market

The Parfait team just emailed to say that their truck will be making its debut at the Mercer Island Farmers Market opening on June 12.

The truck, of course, is only interesting as a vehicle for delicious ice cream:

What they have to say for themselves:
Parfait is Seattle’s only from-scratch, organic ice cream maker and the pioneer of artisan cream on wheels in the Pacific Northwest. Each batch of Parfait ice cream is made from scratch from recipes created by pastry chef and owner Adria Shimada. Her custard base is 100% organic and contains only 4 ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and eggs. Parfait’s dairy, eggs, and produce are all sourced directly from small local farms within 150 miles of Seattle. Shimada’s intention for Parfait is to make ice cream with the same integrity as a high-end French bakery and to re-envision the ice cream truck as an exciting culinary experience, one that offers beautiful, delicious and wholesome desserts.

Every ingredient has been meticulously chosen, from the locally roasted coffee beans to the berries, mint and stone fruit. Shimada and her team hand roll every one of her signature waffle cones and make all of the candy in-house, like the butter toffee for her popular Butter Toffee Crunch flavor. In addition to established favorites like Mint Stracciatella, Fiore French Roast Coffee and Decadent Chocolate, Parfait offers rotating and seasonal flavors including Meyer Lemon, Toasted Hazelnut, Fresh Nectarine, Cinnamon Stick, Orange Star-Anise, Fresh Blueberry, Ballard Bee Honey, Milk Chocolate Chai, and Earl Gray Tea. Parfait also offers seasonal vegan sorbets including Apricot, Raspberry and Pear.

That sounds not bad at all. Check them out and let us know how it is!


Video from The Seattle Times of the MIHS band practicing for the London New Year’s Day parade.


2 responses to “Parfait Ice Cream Truck Coming to Farmers Market

  1. Your ice cream looks wonderful – how do we know where you will be and when?

  2. Ali Brownrigg

    Thanks Jen! You can check the Parfait schedule here:



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