New CSA on Mercer Island: Sign Up by June 1

Gabrielle Santerre at the Local Choice Food Box emailed to say they’re coming to Mercer Island. If you’re not familiar with CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture– terrible acronym, I know), it’s usually a local farm that delivers a box of produce every week or two. They deliver to a central location in each neighborhood and subscribers swing by to pick up their box.

The deadline to sign up this season is June 1. Register at their website.

Gabrielle was kind enough to answer some questions.

Why Mercer Island?
We deliver all over greater Seattle, and Mercer Island was a natural choice, but we never seemed to able to work out a neighborhood pick up spot in that area. We’re really glad that this year we were able to work out not only 1, but 2 separate pick up locations, which hopefully will make it even more convenient for Mercer Island folks.

Where are your delivery locations?
Our delivery locations are: 6905 SE 34th St on Wednesday, and 7785 Westwood Lane on Saturday.

How many customers do you have on MI now?
Right now, we have ten customers on Mercer Island.

How is the Local Choice Food Box different from Full Circle (a CSA that many Islanders subscribe to)?
We actually get this question a lot. In some ways our service is comparable to Full Circle. But let me highlight what I think are the most important differences.

First, everything in our box is 100% local, 100% of the time. If something is out of season, we do not choose to ship it in from California or Mexico. And although eating organic outside the seasons is still a step in the right direction, we think there’s so many great options for local food in the Pacific Northwest, especially in summer, that there’s no need to be eating from anywhere other than right here! We have a number of small farm partners right in this area that, along with our farm in Redmond, grow everything right here in Washington.

We also give you 100% choice, 100% of the time. Most CSA/subscription programs that are 100% local don’t allow you to choose each and every item in your box. But ours does. You can select from a wide range of vegetables, fruits, local free-range eggs, freshly-milled flour, and herbs.

So, it’s sort of the best of both worlds.

And also, we are a farmer owned and operated operation. We work the land ourselves and really care about the food that’s going into our customers’ boxes.

One of their customers did a neat slideshow of their box:

Mmm, delicious local veggies and fruits.

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