Mercer Island Farmers Market to open June 12

Tip via Richard Sprague, former blogger now lost in China with his family:

The 2011 market opening is on June 12 at 10 am.

Sandy Condiotty, board member of the MI Farmers Market, says: There are new vendors to feature: A smoothie maker: you pedal the bike that turns the blender Juice Peddller. And the new ice cream truck Parfait will be giving our market her Sunday spot. A little competition for Molly Moons.

Some of the other vendors you can expect this year (full list):

5 hours instead of 4 this year! The details:

Sundays, 10 am – 3 pm
June 12th – October 9th
Plus, special Harvest Market 11/20/11

More info at the MI Farmers Market Facebook Page. Which posts that they had a successful fundraising dinner Sunday night:
Our Celebration Dinner last night was a huge success. We exceeded our goal of raising $6,000 for this year’s market season. Thank you to the nearly 100 Mercer Island Farmers Market supporters who attended the dinner as well as Lilly’s Restaurant at Aljoya House, the Zack Hartmann Trio, our generous vendors, the many donors to the Silent Auction, and our ever-energetic and enthusiastic volunteers.

And don’t worry, Richard isn’t really lost. He’s there for work and perfectly well oriented.


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