Flamingoes Live on the Island (in an Art Car)

If you’ve ever driven down 47th St just west of Island Crest, you’ll see an amazing sight: a car covered in a flock on pink flamingoes.

The Flamingo Car.

It’s not an infestation, it’s an art car. Marlene (Marty) Vale has a passion for these, and she actually has two: the flamingo car (license plate holder: “There goes that crazy flamingo car lady again”) and a Quiltmobile. She’s been covered in NW Autos and, of course, she’ll be the Fremont Solstice Festival on June 18th this year. You can see a slideshow of her working on her cars here.

Marty at the Solstice Parade, courtesy nwautos.com.

Says Marty:
I became a “cartist” in 2001. I woke up in the middle of the night and said “I have to quilt my car!”. Well, I did just that. Then I wanted to see what it would be like to do a car in 3 dimensions. I started the Flamingo Car on April 30th, 2010 which was my birthday right in the driveway of our house here on Mercer Island. I had it in the Solstice Event for the first time last June.

As with art cars, mine has been evolving some. Just last week my car was parked in a restaurant parking lot and when I came out one of my birds had flown the coop. Now, I won’t say it was deliberately taken. It may have wanted to go. But in it’s place I have sent away for it’s replacement. It is a Skelemingo. It’s a black flamingo with white bones. You see, it’s the “ghost of flamingoes lost”.

The Quiltmobile.

Marty also runs a business, Senior Concierge Services, assisting seniors with medical and social needs, such as safely visiting the doctor or shop. She’s been doing a lot of work at Aljoya lately.

It’s fun to get to know your neighbors. Especially if they shepherd flamingoes and ride in Quiltmobiles.

One response to “Flamingoes Live on the Island (in an Art Car)

  1. Hi Marty,

    Jerry Sorensen here and I was in the Mountlake Terrace parade last Wednesday and met a fellow art car lady who knew you. She says quite a large group of you belong to a art car club. She was driving a station wagon covered with sunglasses and a million other things. I didn’t have a camera with me but would like to get a hold of her to do some photos of her and the car. On the back of the car was a purse that said “money for gas”. Any idea who she might be and if so I would love to get in touch with her for a photo shoot.

    Jerry Sorensen

    425= 238- 4590/ (sorensenjerry@yahoo.com)

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