Dooz Done: Hot Tip Suggests Why

Dooz Hair Salon on Mercer Island has closed, or as the MI Reporter puts it, “merged” with the Bellevue location. The word merger, which in the corporate world is usually a euphemism for one company taking over another, means even less in the world of retail where one location continues to exist but another does not. In this merger, the Bellevue location continues to exist.

A hot tip from Bill via email suggests why Dooz closed down here: A casual conversation with someone involved with the shop suggests that they found Mercer Island to have too little foot traffic coupled with rent too high.

We can only hope that the new deli by Island Books gives downtown a much-needed center of gravity. There are a couple of good spots: near Noah’s and the new wine store, over at Bennett’s and Cellar 46, at Island Books today. The problem is they are separated by too many banks and real estate agents (who casually hangs out at the bank on a Saturday?) and a couple of massive parking lots, like the one at Walgreens. It’s hard to wander for a few blocks in Mercer Island like you can in Capitol Hill, or Madison Park, or even Bellevue Main Street.


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