Finally, Some Competition for Noah’s Bagels: Stopsky’s Deli Opening

Noah’s Bagels, which serves as a local deli and the employer of what seems to be half of MIHS, has some competition coming.

Stopsky’s Deli says it “will celebrate and serve Jewish dishes from around the world.” It’s not pulling any punches, with a head chef from Crave in Capitol Hill and a bakery master Chef from the Columbia City bakery. It just got noted in Seattle Weekly, which doesn’t happen all that often for MI businesses.

Looks like they’ll be right by Island Books. The combination bookstore-deli could be a downtown powerhouse. With the park and farmer’s market nearby this could finally give downtown a much-needed nexus.

The website says it’s opening Spring 2011– that’s now! They’ve already been active around town, donating at the most recent Giving from the Heart breakfast to benefit Mercer Island Youth & Family Services. And the Facebook page has 226 likes— that’s more friends than I have, and I already exist. There’s also a lively discussion ongoing, mostly on the subject of delicious bread.

What they have to say for themselves:
A strong creative team has come together to reinvent Jewish delicatessen in the Pacific Northwest. Overseeing the kitchen and front-of-house is Robin Leventhal. Robin was the owner/chef of the acclaimed Crave Restaurant on Capitol Hill, and was a cheftestant on Season 6-Las Vegas of Top Chef as well as a chef instructor at New England Culinary Institute. Andrew Meltzer, aka “the bread maven,” will oversee the bakery. Andrew co-founded the Columbia City Bakery where he cemented his reputation as a master of a variety of breads and other baked items. He taught at the Culinary Institute of America and is a master at braiding challah.

Owners Jeff and Lara Sanderson decided to open Stopsky’s Delicatessen to celebrate family, heritage and community through food. In a return to his roots, Jeff named the restaurant in honor of his grandfather and great uncles. In 1905, Gilbert Stopsky and his three brothers arrived in America from a Jewish village outside Kiev, Ukraine. Wanting to assimilate to pursue the “American Dream,” they changed their name to Sanderson. Stopsky’s Delicatessen celebrates the Stopsky family’s journey in America and reclaims the name with pride in this history and traditions behind it.

Another interesting fact: it’s backed by Sanderson Ventures, a new venture that looks for return in business that benefit their community and are good place to work. The founders are Jeff and Lara Sanderson, and Jeff’s an ex-Microsoftie.

Finally, Mercer Island gets its badly-needed bakery. Can’t wait to try it.

3 responses to “Finally, Some Competition for Noah’s Bagels: Stopsky’s Deli Opening

  1. Phyllis Leventhal

    I can’t wait to begin eating at Stopsky’s. Congratulations to all.


    When is the OPENING?

  3. mercerislandblogger

    It opened this weekend!

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