Census: Mercer Island Grew 3% Since 2000

The Seattle Times has a story on Washington State’s Census data, freshly out today. Apparently Mercer Island’s population grew by 3% overall. If you dig into the Mercer Island data you’ll see that the real story is the growth of minorities, which was almost 44%.

Click to go to The Seattle Times interactive feature.

In 2000, 22,699 people lived on the Island, about 660 more than in 2000.

The Island is mainly white, at 76%. Asians & Pacific Islanders are by far the largest minority group at 16%, followed by “Two or More Races” at 3.5%.


2 responses to “Census: Mercer Island Grew 3% Since 2000

  1. I found the analysis done by Kendall at the Patch interesting — comparing the number of new units with the number of new residents — and the resulting increase in percentage of empty units: http://mercerisland.patch.com/articles/census-2010-mercer-island-sees-more-housing-and-diversity-but-little-growth

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Yeah, that’s a good one. Thanks for the tip Ken!

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