The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against the City

What is really going on with the lawsuit at the City Manager’s office?

The short answer is, I don’t know. But lots of folks got a DVD in the mail on the whole thing this week.

As your friendly neighborhood blogger with a full time job and a family, I don’t have the time to do real investigative reporting here (by the by, that’s why we have people like… investigative reporters). I hate to print rumor so I’ve avoided this topic. But this is one of the biggest issues on the Island and these videos present a chance to see real source material.

So I bring you… suggested reading.

I doubt this is the last we will hear of this.


One response to “The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against the City

  1. Thanks for posting. I’m hoping at some point the good residents of MI will start getting involved in local government. This type of misconduct has been happening since 2003 and the taxpayers are having to pay for this. This lates suit stands to cost MI millions. Why are these people still making the decisions for the city when they are defendants in the case?????

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