New Wine Store on Mercer Island

I finally got a chance to stop by The Olde Wine Store, new to downtown right across from QFC. Met the owner and the manager, both of whom were very nice. And best of all, I stopped by between 1 and 4 pm on a Saturday, when they have free wine tastings. This Saturday: Bergstrom winery.

It’s a very nice store with a great vibe. A decent range of prices on wine, and their website advertises 10% off orders of $200 or more.

Best feature: the location. Mercer Island’s downtown can be nice to wander in, in fits and starts– a block here, a half a block there. The prime real estate near QFC has banks and real estate offices, not great browsing fare for residents. The block with Island Books is good, especially during Farmers Market season. And the block around Bennett’s and Cellar 46 is nice. There’s no connected strip that’s nice to walk like in Madison Park or Wallingford. But this wine store + Noah’s Bagels and the QFC makes this area more of a place to hang out.

It’s been quite a nice crop of new stores coming to Mercer Island– Freshy’s, the bike store and Mud Bay, and now a wine store. Very nice. Unfortunately Finder’s is closing. Anyway, stop by The Olde and have a taste.

4 responses to “New Wine Store on Mercer Island

  1. Just a question for you and all your readers– does anyone think that MI could support another pub? Roanoke, Cellar 46 and the Islander are great but I wonder if we’re too “family oriented” in terms of demographics/population. We sure can support coffee shops and dry cleaners, but monetarily, could it be done?

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Good question, Karen. Don’t know-anyone else out there have an opinion?

  3. I think the island could use another pub – more rustic and euro feel – like a Paddy Coyne’s. I also wish a restaurant like Portage Bay would look into the retail space below some of the new Town Center apts. and condos next to Mo’s. MI is in desperate need of a great breakfast/lunch place for adults.

    Also still crossing my fingers that a Whole Foods someday leases the old empty Safeway…sounds like it may become more condos though.

  4. Thank you to all Mercer island residents for welcoming Flora and myself into your business community. Flora and myself want The Olde Wine Store to fill a certain need, but also, be respectful of the other businesses around us. We have no false expectations, just want to be successful, support the community and have fun doing this and meeting everyone we can.
    Flora and I truly appreciate your welcome as we begin an exciting chapter in our lives.
    Have a wonderful day 🙂

    Ed and Flora, The Olde Wine Store

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