Interviews of 17 City Council Applicants Thursday

When Steve Litzow got elected to the State Senate, he left a vacant seat on the Mercer Island City Council. To which position residents could apply. And to which position 17 residents did.

This Thursday at 6 pm you can attend interviews of all 17, or whichever of those present themselves. Here’s the list of names. Some highlights:

  • Robert Bersos is a 50-year resident of the Island.
  • Debbie Bertlin has been an exec at Avanade and Microsoft (wow Debbie, that is a thorough application).
  • Aaron Kornblum is one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 under 40 and President-elect of MOHAI, my favorite museum in Seattle.
  • Clark Powell gave a frank and funny answer to Question1: Why am I interested? At first, I wasn’t.
  • Tana Senn is the former National Director for American Affairs of Hassadah, and a grassroots organizer on the Island.

Full disclosure: one of these folks is my neighbor but I didn’t realize that at first. Anyway, the info above is all from their applications (yes, I read them all) and any available public profiles.

Reading through the applications I am struck by the amount of talent and commitment to service we have to choose from. Also by the fact that the entire Planning Commission seems to be applying. Thanks to everyone who applied for being willing to spend time on the City Council, it’s an important role.

After the interviews, the City Council must by majority vote choose one applicant. That will happen on January 18th.


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