Do we need another wine store? Well, do we?

Now open:

A reader writes,
Do we really need ANOTHER high end wine store on this island? (opposite North Mercer QFC).

No offense to those owners just trying to make a buck, but why can’t MI attract more name brand retail and more upscale non-Asian food stops here as well? Why not: Panera Bread, Specialty’s Bakery and Cafe, Bill the Butcher, Trader Joe’s, to name a few. Does everyone think we love driving to Bellevue or Seattle for this purpose (except to eat Thai food or get our clothes cleaned both of which have more per capita options on MI than any other city in America). Bennett’s and the Roanoke are great but we need more variety especially for breakfast and lunch.

See the website for the new Olde Wine Store— see the Reporter’s pics too.

Downtown’s gotten some nice additions lately, from Mo’s Pizza to the bike store to Freshy’s, which incidentally is also now selling high-end wine. hmmmm. This reader has a point. Local bakery/ cafe is my top pick, though a Trader Joe’s or Bill’s the Butcher would be great too. Bill the Butcher recently opened up in downtown Bellevue, so maybe one of the others.

That said, I do like wine and I suspect many Islanders do too. What do you think? What do you want now that this new wave of retail has moved in?


9 responses to “Do we need another wine store? Well, do we?

  1. I heard that a deli is under construction in the space next to Island Books. I don’t know any details beyond that, but I’m hopeful!

  2. I agree – we definitely need more variety and not the same of the same. QFC alone has an outstanding variety of wines. We need more of what the readers are saying…Specialty’s, Trader Joe, etc.
    I will say though when we did have that fantastic Australian based bakery company, on 27th street by Quoba over a year ago (I don’t recall the name), it came and went in a flash. And they had really delicious pastries! We Islanders need to support unique businesses in order for them to stay and flourish.

  3. I agree! I would love to have a Trader Joe’s, Panera Bread, or Specialty’s Bakery, or any good independent Bakery/Cafe. The Island needs more variety. I always go to Seattle or the Eastside to eat.

  4. Instead of a wine store, how about another Starbucks? 🙂

  5. mercerislandblogger

    Richard, great to hear from you! How’s China? I agree, another Starbucks- only 3 for the Island is less than 1 per 100 residents, the federally mandated level of Starbucks to promote healthy communities and families.

  6. I say HURRAH! Entrepreneurs branching out to pursue their small business dreams….we should be thankful folks are doing that here on the island. It may not be everyone’s first choice…but there are plenty of open spaces for plenty of people to pursue their own passions. If one’s passion is to open a bakery, a franchise, whatever, I say GO FOR IT! We are all better off.

    About Trader Joes…I understand the Issaquah TJ’s is run by someone who group up on MI. Might be worth approaching….

  7. Couldn’t agree with you more, Ken … lets support our local businesses on MI. And I’ve been in the Olde Wine store, I’m sure their intent is to offer alternatives to the usual QFC / grocery store fare … I say the more the merrier!

  8. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, it’s great to see new businesses. Check out a new post on now first-hand knowledge of the wine store:

  9. From and and Flora Brier
    Thank you again Mercer Island for your support as we begin our business relationship. Every Saturday, we have wine tasting’s and everyone is truly welcome, even if it is just to chat a bit.
    We are having a event for the American Cancer Society on 12 February from 3-5pm, all proceeds to go to local chapters of the American Cancer Society.

    Have a great day, the sun is out! Anyone remember the late show. “Almost Saturday Night” where the PNW was spoofed?
    Stay safe everyone..

    Ed and Flora

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