Van Crashes into Living Room and Other Christmas Notes

The Seattle Times reports that a van crashed into A Mercer Island living room. The drier fled and is at large. Kiro has some photos which are presented, strangely, in video form on their site. In the category of things you didn’t want for Christmas, a van through your living room wall is probably high on the list.

In happier local Christmas news, the Reporter reports that the Mercer Island high school marching band is off to London for the New Years Day parade there.

Holiday berries on Mercer Island from zenobia_joy on Flickr.

And finally, from a reader on the ever-popular Deer on Mercer Island post:
I’ve lived on MI two years now and what a pleasant surprise in the wee hours of this Christmas Eve morning to see a doe as I came around a curve at the 4500 blk of W. Mercer. Of course I slowed to enjoy the sight as she walked across a lawn toatally unphased by the my car, and the one behind me. She appeared very relaxed and very much at home.

Merry Christmas all!

UPDATE: From the MI Reporter, The man who crashed into a house after evading a police stop is the same suspect who burglarized a house after smashing out a window the night before Christmas Eve. The suspect, Chad Richard Zachariasen, 50, broke through the kitchen window of a house in the 4600 block of 90th Avenue S.E. between 9 and 10 p.m. on Dec. 23. Jewelry, a laptop and prescription medicine were stolen. Zachariasen evaded a police stop near the 6000 block of Island Crest Way in a van without taillights, as police responded to a nearby house alarm. The van sped down dead-end 84th Avenue, where it crashed into a residence at the end of the street. Police are seeking the suspect, a Seattle resident. Charges include one count of attempting to elude a police vehicle, one count of malicious mischief in the first degree (damage to private property), and one count of hit and run, attended property damage.


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