Recent Happenings

While your friendly neighborhood blogger took a little break the world kept going. Here are some happenings from the past two weeks:

Snowmaggeddon 2010 happened.

swpars on Flickr shows what I-90 looked like. Hope you weren’t driving!

  • Farmers Insurance laid off 10% of staff (MI Reporter).
  • TechFlash wrote about Gruberg, an iPhone app for restaurant recommendations by two MI High School seniors.

The MI Firefighters had a food drive.

Mercer Island Reporter on Flickr.

  • The $28 million mansion for sale made it to Curbed’s House of the Day.
  • Tolling was proposed for the 520 bridge. Raucous debate ensued.
  • East Link Light Rail Bellevue continues to generate controversy.
  • MI Youth and Family Services  is looking for people to sponsor needy families and children for the holidays. Contact if you’re interested.
  • The Seattle Times reviews a new book on Mercer Island artist Maria Frank Adams. Good holiday gift. Here’s an old story on her work and life.

cookinghamus photographed The Source earth sculpture at Luther Burbank.

He used a camera on a kite!

Plus we’ve got this major budget thing at the City Council. I’ll get to that this week, I promise.

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