Mary Wayte Pool Set to Close in December

The Mercer Island Reporter writes that Mercer Island’s only public pool, Mary Wayte, is to be shut down by Dec. 31 unless a buyer is found. The pool is used for a bunch of recreational programs as well as high school sports.

The pool was pretty busy last weekend.  Sorry for the fog– it’s really hard to take pictures in pools, you know?

I stopped by the pool to see if I could get more info. There’s a lot of different info floating around:

  • The lifeguards asserted that the pool wasn’t going to close, it was going to change ownership. A new owner hasn’t been found though.
  • A couple of teenage boys said they heard it would become a second middle school on the Island. One swims at the pool twice a week.
  • Another man said it wasn’t a big deal that the pool would close, because there are three country clubs on Mercer Island and they each have pools.
  • Another woman I spoke to said she just heard that day that it would close.

The pool’s FAQ doesn’t address any questions on the future of the pool. Given the state of the city budget I wouldn’t expect the City to step in. Has anyone heard of fundraising efforts or heard any more on the pool’s future?


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