Several Car Prowls on North Island

The Mercer Island Police Blotter shows a large number of car prowls right around Halloween:

In total, ten cars were prowled. All the locations are pretty close to I-90, which is not surprising. So far no word that anyone has been caught. Lock up!


4 responses to “Several Car Prowls on North Island

  1. Ten car prowls in five days? I say we disconnect from the mainland. Sink the I-90 bridge again (this time both of them like we should’ve done last time) and go it alone with only massive yachts, massive property values and farmers markets to save us. That’ll show ’em!!

    Or, we could not leave valuables in our car like everyone else in King County. Are we in King County? OMG! We’re in King County!

  2. i agree 100% with alexander- because there is just no way that m.i. kids are involved.

  3. mercerislandblogger

    john, I don’t know if your comment was sarcastic but I’d guess it isn’t Islanders, only because Islanders wouldn’t be hitting the streets right next to the highway.

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