Election Crib Sheet: State Senator

Steve Litzow is running for State Senate District 41– Bellevue and Mercer Island. He’s served on the Mercer Island City Council. He’s also the subject of an election rarity, the Mercer-Island-only attack ad.

I want to come out on Steve’s side but I have to say I agree with the fliers that keep showing up in my mail. Steve was instrumental in shelving the heavily-studied, citizen-approved and already-funded road diet plan.I hate to be a single-issue voter but, as it turns out, I am on this one.

Fiscal responsibility is important. But public safety is more important. We can afford to reconfigure Island Crest Way and we should do it.

If you want background on other issues, check out Publicola’s endorsement of Randy Gordon. I agree with them on several of the issues. But mostly I disagree with Steve on Island Crest Way.


2 responses to “Election Crib Sheet: State Senator

  1. I’ve been getting these things daily for the past two weeks in Bellevue as well. And quite frankly, it makes it look like the opponents haven’t got anything substantial to run on besides a spurious one-note smear.

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