Near-Misses Not Counted on Island Crest Way

This morning I was out walking and saw a neighbor who had just had a near miss on Island Crest Way. I often see this woman out walking her dog. She lets my baby squeal at and pet her dog.

This morning she was visibly shaken after her near miss. She started crying.

I know how she feels. It’s frightening to cross that road. She said she had used the red flag for pedestrians, but as always happens, when the car in one lane stops a car in the second lane speeds around it without seeing the pedestrian.

We are lucky to live in a small community with through traffic only on I-90. Why should we accept to have such a dangerous street right in the middle of residential neighborhoods? The multiple accidents have been counted. The many, many more near misses have not.

Commenter Steve tips us to a road diet in Des Moines that reduced accidents by an estimated 50%. Our road diet plan is in limbo. Crosswalks don’t do enough. We need the road diet plan funded.

One response to “Near-Misses Not Counted on Island Crest Way

  1. I too have had a near miss while trying to cross Island Crest Way at SE 40th Street. I had the walk signal on my side and thought the woman in the black Mercedes saw me and was coming to a stop (as the light was red and she wanted to turn right), but she was too busy talking on her cell phone. When I stopped to give her a harsh look, she was talking away on her cell phone and apparently the fact that she almost hit me had no effect. I routinely see drivers nears this area fail to come to complete stops, talking on their cell phone (with no hands free device), speeding near children’s bus stops…I could go on. Yes, the blog post was about the dangers of Island Crest Way, but we all have a responsibility to believe that we are not above obeying traffic laws and common sense, and should act accordingly.

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