On the Ballot this Fall

Continuing our crib sheet on the election, here’s what new since the primaries.

US Senator

Rossi has seemed a bit disingenuous lately. He called Murray out on pork but as a State Senator was very fond  of “locally targeted investments.” Hmmm…  And is getting $3 million from undisclosed donors for attack ads but would vote against the DISCLOSE act on campaign finance.

It’s the  go-go years of campaign finance, with heavily funded groups pouring money into elections all over the country. Why let them be secret?

Anyway, if you want to learn more, the Seattle Times recorded an interview with the two candidates.


The most local election on the ballot this fall is for Representative, US Congressional District 8 between Dave Reichart and Suzan DelBene.  The Seattle Times endorsed DelBene, calling her “a smart moderate.”

A Bunch of Initiatives

Re: the debate over the Washington State income tax, I’ve been split on it. I’m not against an income tax forever in Washington but I do think a proposal that puts such a broad tax on some and not others is not in the spirit of the republic. The wealthy should pay more but they should not pay alone. And no, my family wouldn’t qualify for the tax if it were passed.

As for the rest of all those initiatives, you’re on your own. I’ll just remind you that Tim Eyeman is crazy.


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