Food Bank needs food! and more bulletin board

Remember that story on homelessness on Mercer Island? The Mercer Island food bank, which helps out families who’ve hit some trouble, needs donations.

“Our food pantry is lower than we’ve ever seen it – last week double the amount of families used the food pantry.

August is one of our slow months for food drives and deliveries. Use rates have gone up 150% over the past two years and sometimes it is hard to keep up. Thank you for any help you can give,” said Cindy Goodwin, Director, Mercer Island Food Bank.

Escape from the Rock closes roads Sunday

Look out for road closures and fit people in short shorts and swim caps this Sunday. The Escape from the Rock triathlon will be happening and with it, a lot of road closures on North Island from 8 am to 10:30 am.

Condos Selling

Melissa McMurray reports that “7800 Plaza is now 40 % SOLD!” 7800 has some nice new retail space coming in too. Six Walls moved in and Mo’s Pizza is getting ready there too.

No parking, poor shuttle service

Seattle Transit Blog writes about our transport woes. Yes, parking and riding is still in short supply at the Mercer Island Park and Ride.

New Preschool Opens

Kelli Palsha of The Andover School writes:

We are a half day, year round preschool program running from 9am-12:15pm. We accept children ages 2-pre-K in an “all-inclusive” classroom which helps teach empathy and role modeling with the mixed ages. We are all Organic with full preschool lesson plans including biweekly teaching themes and monthly dramatic play themes. Children do not need to be potty trained to attend and we will help them with that when they are ready. We are very small (on purpose) and at the most we will accept 12 children with our two teachers. We currently have a few morning spots still available. Children are able to attend 1-5 days a week as we know families are very busy these days!

Pioneer Park Expansion?

Council member Mike Cero writes in his latest newsletter:
North Star Property (Jul 19)- The North Star Council expressed interest in selling 3.5 acres next to Engstrom Open Space which is next to Pioneer Park. This acquisition would expand the contiguous footprint of Pioneer Park. I was glad to vote to have our City Manager apply for a matching grant and another matching grant to match the first matching grant. If the North Star property acquisition isn’t going to further strain our budget, then I am willing to accept the additional maintenance expense and property tax exclusion for the benefits of additional open space. So as not to build expectations, I suspect that we will only get one grant and I am not one to necessarily accept grants simply because they leverage our money. We have to recognize that leveraging grant money is normally unbudgeted and takes away from other necessary programs.


One response to “Food Bank needs food! and more bulletin board

  1. I think 6 Walls and Mo’s actually moved into the building just to the west of 7800 Plaza — on the block directly north of Walgreen’s, which is the most recently opened apartment building.

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