Freshy’s Now Open

If you’ve been following the comments on our earlier post you’ll know that Freshy’s is now open for business. I stopped in for some halibut (delicious) and to chat with the owner, Bryce.

The crab tank at Freshy’s.

There are a number of tanks with live seafood and some steaks, fillets and prepared foods (mmmm ceviche).  There are big plans in the works too. Freshy’s is applying for a liquor license to sell bottles of wine and Bryce is thinking about bringing in some organic vegetables and fresh bread. “We don’t want to be a grocery store, but we want to be a place you can stop and get everything you need for dinner.”

Window art courtesy Bryce’s daughter.

Apparently business is going fine so far. Bryce said they’ve been averaging about 70 customers per day, up to 100 on one day. It’s mostly a North Island crowd, with some South Island and Bellevue thrown in. He hasn’t done any real  advertising yet.

Happy to have you open and good luck!


3 responses to “Freshy’s Now Open

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  2. Had them filet a trout for me and used this recipe. Was easy and you can’t beat fish that is only an hour old!

  3. Wannabee Insider

    Tried them several times. Wonderful service and high quality products for a reasonable price. Will be going back, often. Nice to have them here.

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