Teens Keep Getting Hit on ICW…

…meanwhile, the City Council is going forward with its plan to scrap the road diet. Even though road diets tend to reduce crashes and injuries and make thoroughfares safer for pedestrians.

Mercer Island Reporter covered a meeting on Monday where citizens gave pointed feedback about the apparently sudden decision to overturn years of study and citizen input.

The most recent accident shows exactly what’s dangerous about the current configuration: the crossing teen was hit by the driver in the second lane, who didn’t see him because of the stopped car in the first lane.

Adding two traffic lights at 47th and 42nd will not solve this problem.

Would anyone who has ever been or known a teen seriously expect a teen to walk an extra two blocks to cross at a crosswalk? Teens don’t do that. In fact, I don’t do that. Island Crest Way goes through residential neighborhoods its entire length. Why can’t we have a road that is simply safe to cross at any intersection?


2 responses to “Teens Keep Getting Hit on ICW…

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