Fresh, Local Fish on Mercer Island: Score!

That’s what I was thinking as I talked with Bryce, owner of Freshy’s seafood market. Imagine Mutual Fish, but with sustainable, locally grown seafood, and right here on Mercer Island.

Freshy’s is opening at the old 76 Union gas station at 76th and 24th (thanks for the tip, Bill*) on North Island. The planned opening is around July 20th.

According to Bryce, they’re following the Monterey Bay sustainability standard and are planning to identify local fishermen where possible. Mostly they source from the Willapa Bay. They’ll have about 3,000 gallons of live tank fish including crab, prawns, and crawfish.

Why Mercer Island? Bryce said, “We looked at several locations. The area is starved for fresh seafood.” They plan to serve Mercer Island and the greater East Side, and also looked at Woodinville and Redmond as possible locations. Mercer Island downtown is a great location for commuters coming home over I-90. And as Bryce talked, I imagined how I would change my own commute to pick up tasty salmon and halibut.

The man who would bring us better dinners.

Between this and the farmers’ market, Mercer Island is getting downright culinary. Note to entrepreneurs: we still need an independent bakery/ coffee shop here.

Last word from Bryce: “Directly from the dock to Mercer Island.”

* Bill is the source of 75-85% of new information in this blog lately, according to my best estimate.


7 responses to “Fresh, Local Fish on Mercer Island: Score!

  1. It would be nice if the market were to offer a few species in addition to “tasty salmon and halibut” which are available everywhere, at great price. I find it hard to believe there aren’t some interesting and highly edible species that are currently being discarded as “by-catch” . Last week I found fresh sardines at a local Asian market for $2.49/pound. They were delicious. I’d like to see more things like that.

  2. I have a friend who lives on Mercer Island and while going to visit him today I stumbled across Freshy’s Seafood Market. I was running a few minutes early so I decided to pull in. My first impression was “WOW” after seeing the massive live tanks. How can it be any fresher than this? There is live Lobster,Crab and Trout. I tried a few samples of the salmon mousse and ceviche and ended up leaving with a nice load of goodies my family is sure to appreciate. I will tell my friends and coworkers about this since this place is fantastic.

  3. I stopped by today around six PM, and they still had a nice selection available. I choose the live trout (pregnant step-daughter shouldn’t have shellfish and doesn’t like salmon, so that narrows it down pretty quickly!) which were “caught” and cleaned promptly. Had a friendly chat with Freshy’s buyer who was very knowledgeable. On the way home I stopped by Albertsons to compare the price I had just paid, and found that Freshy’s was very competitive (about a quarter more per pound). Three adults and one three-year-old at dinner all gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to the trout (of course it could have been my preparation at least in part … okay, maybe not). So far, so good with this nice addition to the Town Center.

  4. mercerislandblogger

    Great, thanks for the intel, ron and Bill! We’re going to check it out too. I guess Freshy’s is open!

  5. I stopped in and picked up a trout for dinner. So good! I used this recipe:

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