Mercer Island Summer Celebration This Weekend

From Stephanie at the City:
Travel “Through the Decades” as Mercer Island celebrates the best parts of popular decades past at Summer Celebration!

In honor of those decades, here’s Mercer Island in the 1910’s from those local history junkies at

Continuing the relevant information:
2010 July 10 and 11 at various locations throughout the city. Festivities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mercer Island’s incorporation and the 20th year of Summer Celebration! festivals include food, music, art, entertainment, children’s activities, a fireworks display, and more. Entry into the festival is free and open to the public.

Here’s the schedule. There is a street fair, but not there’s no Farmers’ Market this weekend. Enjoy!


One response to “Mercer Island Summer Celebration This Weekend

  1. A belated comment now that we’ve “enjoyed” Summer Celebration and I’ve had a chance to talk about it a bit with neighbors who concur with my opinion …. it’s the same old thing, year after year, with no real focus to make it unique and a real celebration to be proud of.

    First we should get rid of the aspects that are overtly commercial and available elsewhere. Replacement window vendors??? Come on, that is not really the kind of thing to make a summer celebration classy and fun. The same goes for investment advice, real estate brokers, and probably even fake tattoos. The food vendors are probably okay, and the stuff for kids in the park are of course fine. But the rest needs a real focus of some kind.

    We need something like a real art fair (I know, we can’t compete with Bellevue) that attracts numerous skilled artists, not just kitschy artsy-craftsy vendors. I’m reminded of my college years in Ann Arbor, Michigan which for decades has supported a gorgeous and fun summer art fair that attracts participants from all over the U.S. Agreed, Ann Arbor is about four times the size of Mercer Island, but the “look and feel” could be applied here nevertheless. Or a real food celebration, or music or nature fair, or a model-yacht regatta or soap-box derby race. Look, none of these suggestions might have any appeal, but I’m just throwing them out to emphasize the point that Mercer Island’s Summer Celebration should be be something different and exceptional that attracts folks from both Mercer Island and elsewhere and is remembered as one of the best weekends of the year.

    This is a community that bills itself as something special; its special events should live up to that image.

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