City Council: The Issue IS Safety

No, really, Did the City Council just kill the Island Crest Way road diet project? You’ve got to be kidding me. The Reporter covered the meeting; I’ll let you read the sad details.

“Safety is not the priority for Island Crest Way [changes]. The issue for safety is crossing.” said Steve Litzow, Councilman.

Steve, I live a few blocks off ICW, and I agree with your fellow Councilman Bruce Bassett: the issue IS safety. There was another accident at Merrimount just a couple of Saturdays ago. And have you ever tried crossing the street? I hope you can sprint.

Putting a couple of lights on the street is a band-aid. It doesn’t fix the problem.

“The irony of this is that this project probably had one of the largest public processes that I’ve seen in 30 years.” Elliot Newman, former Mercer Island mayor.  And widespread public support.

Not only that, but our election in November was basically a referendum on the issue, with only one of three City Council seats contested in a race where Ira Appleman made abandoning the road diet his single-issue platform. Ira lost. Islanders support and want to road diet. To have funded stripped in a single City Council meeting with no public discussion and no cost/benefit analysis of the options is a disgrace.

All quotes in this article are from the Mercer Island Reporter coverage.


5 responses to “City Council: The Issue IS Safety

  1. Gloria Wernli

    I would like to address the issue of the crosswalks on Island Crest Way and the apparent danger in using the cross walks. I used to live in England and they have a flashing yellow standing light on each side of the road where the crosswalks are indicated by the yellow lines across the streets. This way when they are flashing it indicates that the drivers should be aware and stop. In this way when a car sees a car slowing down to stop he would recognize that there is a pedestrian in the cross walk. That is if a car should be parallel to another car. This seems to work there in every city and village.
    I have personally thought of the dangers of the cross walks before these latest accidents occurred. I thought the English way of handling this would be the solution. I have seen people not expecting a pedestrian to cross since these are not clearly signaled from a distance therefore the blinking light calls your attention to the possible crossing ahead.

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  3. mercerislandblogger

    Gloria, I love that idea. There’s a crosswalk with lights like that at Island Crest Park around 47th. I cross there sometimes and it seems to work well.

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