Teenager Hit on Island Crest Way

The P-I reports that a teen was hit crossing Island Crest Way around 42nd street. He’s ok but this illustrates how dangerous ICW is in mid-Island. There was another wreck at Merrimount and Island Crest on Saturday as well, with one car totaled.

The road diet can’t come soon enough.

At mid-Island, even if you cross at a crosswalk you’re in danger. Here’s the issue: with two lanes, the driver in one lane sees a pedestrian and slows. The driver behind, not able to see the pedestrian, sees the slowing and merges into the other lane. Because of the stopped car, neither the pedestrian nor the other car can see each other. When drivers aren’t alert, they blow through the crosswalk… just as the pedestrian is getting to the second lane.

I’ve seen dozens of close calls like this. If you’re crossing, the only safe way to do it is to wait for both lanes to stop. Making eye contact with both drivers is a good idea too. And let’s get ICW down to one lane in mid-Island ASAP.

Photo credit: hunteredwards on Flickr.


3 responses to “Teenager Hit on Island Crest Way

  1. It is absurd that we don’t have a pedestrian light at this spot. Every morning I see high school kids trying to cross the street. Why not something like the crossings over by Seattle University with colored pavement and flashing lights? I’d rather address this problem than anything else the city is doing.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    I agree Skip, that crossing is really dangerous. The road diet should help out but that’s still a ways off.

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