Mercer Island mansion min bid now $12 million

Sheldon Good & Co alerted me last week that the Mediterranean Mansion that is up for auction now has a minimum bid of $12 million, down from $15 million.

From the brochure. My living room looks just like that!

They either have a bidder who wants to bid less than $15 million and are trying to draw our more, or they have yet to find a bidder. In any case, the mansion once listed for $40 million so if you’re interested, you can now get it at around 30% of that.


4 responses to “Mercer Island mansion min bid now $12 million

  1. Just stumbled on this blog, looks lovely, a nice virtual escape

  2. This is 1631 Roanoke Way. Floor plan on KC Assessor site, which includes this comment “Asking Price—-$40 million on 8/1/04″. Current Zillow estimate is $21.2mm, KC assessment is $20.1mm. ” Another site notes that “Charles S. Lytle who founded Lytle Enterprises with his wife Karen owns this house. Lytle Enterprises has been one of the most highly-respected developers of retirement communities since its beginning in 1976.” They developed the Belletini in Bellevue.

  3. mercerislandblogger

    Good intel, thanks Keith. Bids are due Aug 14 so we’ll see what it goes for soon after.

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