Top 10 Mercer Island Websites

After blogging for 2 1/2 years about Mercer Island I’ve got a collection of best sites on the Island. The criteria to make the list are relevance, readability and regularity of updates.

1. The Mercer Island Reporter. Our more traditional print brethren, the local paper, takes the top spot here. It’s the place to go for coverage of city council meetings, school sports and other events that bloggers with full-time jobs and babies can’t attend.

2. Island Books. Speakers and storytellers, new releases and recommendations. The Island Books staff goes a level deeper than simply pushing goods to make this a lively place to explore books, just like the store itself. There’s always a surprise.

3. Mercer Island Farmers Market. Goat cheese, local leeks, cupcakes and a place to wander on summery Sunday afternoons. Love it.

4. The City of Mercer Island. Frequently updated, this site has announcements and events as well as official documents on city projects, budgets, and other fun city-politico-wonk stuff. Subscribe to Joy Johnston’s excellent Mercer Island Weekly newsletter for official city news (then come here for the unofficial version).

5. Mercer Island Parent Ed. Some great speakers and events for parents. Recent examples: Exercise & Brain Performance– Dr. John Ratey presents his groundbreaking research; Middle School Bullying Workshops.

6. Walk! Mercer Island. This Facebook page has occasional updates on walking on the Island- trails, conditions, etc.  A recent update: The trilliums are out! Those are the three petal white flowers you see in the woods this time of year. An old fashioned flower–they always come out around Easter. Take the 53rd Open Space Trail or the Ravine Trail in Pioneer Park and look in the sunspots…

7. Seattle Transit Blog. We included only this one off-Island blog because so many kinds of transit are relevant to Islanders: buses, light rail, highways (we even used to have ferries and steamboats). Seattle Transit Blog is by far the best single place to find out what’s going on with getting around.  

8. Mercer Island Flickr page. Browse photos of our fair Island from anyone who cared to upload them.  It’s a grab bag but there’s some good stuff in there.

9. Spotlight on MISD blog. Occasional profiles of teachers and professionals let you peek in the window at the MISD (but not in a weird way). Photos and quotes from the profilee make these very personal, human and fun to read.

10. Mercer Island High School on Facebook.  Here more for its potential than its present. The page is a little short on photos and could liven up its content a bit, but it’s a great start. And even if you’re not a student or a parent, you’ve gotta love those Islanders.

Did I miss any? Email mercerislandblogger at yahoo or leave a comment.


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