Creepy Sounds at Night

Not to scare you, but there’s something creepy out there. From a reader:

“Since you’re the only Mercer Island blogger I know about, I thought I’d ask you about this situation:

Around dusk my visiting mother and I heard the most frightening commotion outside and against the house. It sounded like a woman making all sorts of odd and very loud moans, with no intelligible words, while crashing about as though trying to forcefully open one of our doors. (The rattling and banging sounded like it was against the metal frame of the door or the attached windows, rather than a random wall). It lasted for several minutes, during which we called the cops for fear that someone quite mentally ill was attempting to break in, and we didn’t want to go into that room, so we didn’t see what was outside. A police officer came and took a look around and didn’t finding anything; he figured it was raccoons fighting over territory, which did make sense given that I know they’re common and pretty active, and I didn’t grow up here so I’m a raccoon newbie.
Here’s the thing: Any audio I can find of raccoons fighting, or mating, or whatever, sounds more screechy and less human (closer to cats fighting, a noise with which I’m quite familiar), and this was truly eerie. Do you have any sense of what lives on this island, is large enough to make a real racket, and sounds human…hopefully without actually being an actual violent, disoriented woman trying to break into my house? 
  Thanks for any ideas you might have!”


The best I could come up with is: “Holy crap Molly, that does sound creepy.”  Except for raccoons and those ever-wandering deer, a potential bobcat and maybe an odd owl or eagle, I don’t think we have many big creatures on the Island. Way back when some thought the Island haunted, and we know there were once bears.

Anyone else have a better explanation?

And just in case you’re wondering, here’s what fighting raccoons sound like.


One response to “Creepy Sounds at Night

  1. Last night (Aug. 31, 2010) I heard what sounded like a woman moaning about 10:30 at night. At first I thought the sounds were coming from the television. I noticed the sound coming during commercial and program content and realized it was not the television. I realized the sound seemed to be on the other side of the window leading to the second story deck. It was not a raccoon and it was not a cat. To me the sound was distinctly human and one that I could easily duplicate. I cannot imagine what it might have been! Any thoughts, Mercer Islanders? The location was near 72nd Street on West Mercer Way.

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