Across the Water

Notes from life outside of Lake Washington–

Garage Sale Hounds: Mill Creek this weekend, West Seattle next weekend

A colleague informs me that “Mill Creek only allows garage sales two Saturdays per year. The Spring day is tomorrow (Saturday May 1) from 8 to 4. People come from as far away as Olympia and B.C. for these. There are 100’s of garage sales on this day.”

Head to West Seattle on Saturday May 8th for over 200 garage sales. That’s a lot of baby clothes, old toasters and used bikes. See West Seattle Blog for more.

Light Rail Galore

Central District News covers their planned light rail station:

Just like ours, 10 years or so away.

More Weekend Events

Fremont Universe is talking about this weekend’s Fremont Village Festival: “Fee-based workshops at Fremont Abbey kickstart the day at 10 a.m.: turning recycled sweaters into wristwarmers, yoga for two and Tuning the Air guitar.Then free giveaways such as family passes to the Zoo and local music CD’s begin around 2.” Now that’s an agenda.

Fremont’s: world unto itself.

And finally, the Rainier Valley Post tells us that the Columbia City Farmers Market is back. Good to know since you have to wait til Jun for Mercer Island’s. We’re not jealous.


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