It’s Sunday. But No Farmers Market til June.

It’s Sunday. Thinking of wandering over to the Mercer Island Farmers’ Market? Unfortunately, you can’t until June.

It opens almost two months from now, on June 20. Not to sound jealous, but other farmers markets in the area are already open. says, “This weekend at the U-Distrcit and West Seattle Farmers Markets check out the fresh Young Garlic Chives, Rhubarb, Radicchio, Sorrel and Dandelion Greens, Wild Watercress and Stinging Nettles (Nettles have more protein than any other edible plant – including soybeans), Goat Meat Bratwurst from Toboton Creek Farm.”

They get stinging nettles and Goat Meat Bratwurst and we have to wait til June?

Patience, Mercer Island. In the meanwhile you can sign up for a dinner celebrating the opening of the market on May 16.


4 responses to “It’s Sunday. But No Farmers Market til June.

  1. There was a mini-market on Saturday as part of the Leap for Green event. I heard there was only one farmer there, though.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    I didn’t know that! Thanks for the note Dave.

  3. I’d like to second Bruce Bassett’s 5/3 City Council meeting observation that the Farmer’s Market is going into the new season independent of City funds. Well done!

  4. mercerislandblogger

    I didn’t know that either! Thanks for the heads up Mike, and congrats to the Farmers Market team for being sustainable in more than one way.

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