Bobcat on Mercer Island?

Several news outlets are reporting sightings of bobcat tracks in Mercerdale.

Video here, more details here.

For those who would love to see the bobcat: these animals are pretty clever hunters who like to hunt from trees and attack solitary prey, often from behind. For any runners out there, bobcats like dawn and dusk best. Be careful.

In the extra-creepy department, here’s a quote from the nwcn article:
Chris Anderson, a biologist with the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, says there are bobcats around King County, but he has not heard of them on Mercer Island.
Anderson says it’s an “unusual spot for them.” He says it would be difficult for the bobcat to travel across I-90 without being hit or spotted, but that “sometimes these animals can hitch a ride on something. It’s not unheard of.”

So if you weren’t unsettled by the thought of a big cat hunter in your neighborhood, think of it hitching a ride on your car. Yowza!


2 responses to “Bobcat on Mercer Island?

  1. This reminds me of the deer signs on Island Crest Way back in the late 1980s

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