Mercer Island Suspension Bridge Ranked as one of Nation’s Worst

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently added Mercer Island’s suspension bridge to the list of the most hazardous bridges in the state in their Infrastructure Report Card:

No, not the I-90 floating bridge: the pedestrian suspension bridge just west of Island Crest Park that we covered earlier this year.

A sign nearby advises “Be Careful: Suspension Bridge. Slippery when wet.” But that doesn’t begin to cover it. The bridge spans a creek which occasionally has water in it, especially in the rainy season. Therefore there’s not only a fall hazard, but the chance of getting wet.

ASCE Bridge Safety Inspector Craig Dunham made an emergency visit to Mercer Island’s suspension bridge this week. As he watched an unknowing resident cross the bridge, suspended at least 7 feet above the sometimes-dry creek bed below, Dunham shook his head. “Someone could sprain an ankle,” he said.


2 responses to “Mercer Island Suspension Bridge Ranked as one of Nation’s Worst

  1. I love that bridge! Dangerous? Probably. Fun? Heck, yeah! My dog cuts through the swamp rather than using the bridge. Smart dog.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Yeah, I love that bridge too Dave. Who knew there was a suspension bridge hanging out next to Island Crest Park?

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