A Collection of Mercer Island Photos

Strangely, three very different photos landed in my inbox today. First a gorgeous panorama from Clarke Beach on cojovo (click photo for larger view).

Next, a very cool account of a kayak around Mercer Island (yes, the whole Island) from Paul on Everyone’s Travel Club.

ETC promises more photos of the journey to come, we’ll keep you updated.

And finally, in the most unusual of these three photos, a photo of a  Mercer Island Police Department’s truck on Flickr. Weirder still, this photo was contributed by AJM Studios Northwest Police Department Collection:
“From Washington, Alaska, and Oregon, the Northwest Police Department (NWPD) is already one of the largest databases of police car photos from the northwest.” I do not know how many databases there are of police cars in the northwest, nor how many photos it takes to be one of the largest.

Weirdest yet, this comment on the Flickr page:

I did not know there was a Flickr group for Dodge and Jeep Truck/SUV Police.


One response to “A Collection of Mercer Island Photos

  1. Actually, there are many website databases, and police vehicle photography is very popular. The particular group you mentioned is part of a bigger group called the Northwest Law Enforcement Association and they have over 8,000 photos. Many are used for news sources as well. If you want links to the hundreds of police car pictures groups, I can show you, or you can simply search it. So it really is not unusual. You just didn’t know.

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