Update on Island Crest Way

Have you noticed the car counters on Island Crest Way? An email to Mike Cero, City Councilmember, confirms: “The counters are indeed for the re-configuration. This will be the third count on ICW in the last couple years. Also note the counters are on 86th, 44th and other roads.”

Not, in fact, ICW. It’s less dangerous to stand on 44th and take a photo.

So now that the fall elections and winter weather (such as it was) are over, work can proceed on Island Crest Way’s road diet. The City says: “Finally, the City Council authorized the Island Crest Way project to go to bid.  It is expected that the bid will be awarded near the end of June 2010 and construction will take place this summer.”

Again, from Mike: “The council is scheduled on June 21st to approve those bids. So yes we are on track, but true fidelity of the schedule will happen on June 21st.” We’ll keep you posted.


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